Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Water Garden

Easy Step To Make A Water Garden

Water garden arrangement can not be separated from the manufacture of the pool. The pool water is a good stimulation for the eyes and ears, the effect can create peace and tranquility as a reliever of stress and fatigue after a day of work.

Water park comes in various shapes and sizes, from tiny ponds to complex fish ponds (complete with fountains, fish and aquatic plants). However, keep in mind, a good arrangement of water garden in the backyard a person, not necessarily according to the backyard of others.

The steps to create a water garden:
1. Learn the land thoroughly. Select the best places for the laying of a pool of water. If possible, choose a place that is not only visible from the yard, also from inside the house.
2. Select as an ornamental pond fish (goldfish and koi fish most preferred).
3. Choose a water plant (usually a mini lotus or algae / algae).

Water Plants:
Water Hawthorne

Water Lily

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