Friday, 17 June 2011

Fish Pond and Furniture

The park is worthy of your choice when you have unlimited pages. This concept was put harmony between the beauty of the landscape garden with koi pond. Wooden lawn chairs can be modified in the middle of the pond fish. The selection of materials from wood to give the impression of going back to nature on your home page. At the edge of the pond can be planted with ornamental plants with some height that is maintained to match the fish pond. Piles of ornamental stones can be put under the seat to beautify the appearance of your garden.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Small Garden on The Backyard

Most people think the park can only be built in a wide places. In fact, you can create with a garden in a limited area.
Some basic requirements gardening in a narrow area such as: adequate sunlight, water, nutrients and good soil. 

Water is essential for plants.Water needs required by each plant varies according to weather and soil conditions. Plants should be watered consistently. Excessive watering should be avoided because it will cause rotting plants.
Land is one of the most important requirements. Soil should be prepared with organic ingredients. Land ready to use with chemical fertilizers should be avoided because it does not contain the required amount of organic material.

One option to build a park in a limited area is in the backyard. You can add ornaments such as tables and chairs, then you will get a beautiful backyard. Do not forget to add grass to beautify your backyard.