Monday, 31 January 2011

Mini fountain in the corner.

If you like classic impression of pottery, you can modify a unique fountains. With the addition of a little bamboo and your skills, it will be a view that is refreshing. The way is easy. Cut bamboo small type (such as ornamental bamboo) with different heights. Enter into the pottery. With the help of pumps, adjust flow of water so that as you wish

The dual function of fountains. First, as a garnish. Second, your mind can overcome fatigue. You can put it in the workplace, in bedrooms, even to decorate the living room. 

Friday, 28 January 2011

unique aquarium-waterfall in barrel.

Characteristic of this aquarium is the gurgling sound caused and the views of small fish in a barrel. The advantage of this aquarium is the only need a small space to put it. Besides beautiful scenery, perfect to complement your home interior ethnic, and the atmosphere is like in the mountains. Feel the coolness!

Unique aquarium of pottery.

Moving waterfall atmosphere into barrel that gives a natural feel, peace in your workspace, gurgling noises, with a natural theme that you want. If you want to try your creative, easy enough. Use a barrel with a medium-sizeand then break on one side with caution. After getting enough space, attach a mini ornaments like artificial plants, replica waterfall, and others. Then connect with a hose and pump. Set up carefully so as not to interfere with vision. Feel the beauty!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Water Plant

Water flowers of different colors
Confused by the choice of flowers to fill pond? Waterlily is one flower that you can choose. Assorted colors to decorate the scene. Try it!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Mini Fish Pond Story With Fountain (Three Level)

If your house have only narrow pages, it do not hinder your creativity. An idea to beautify your pages is create mini pond with fountain. This pond show a little river at home.
Moving a river in your home is a challenge. Especially the determination of the location should be appropriate and pay attention to the direction of water flow, sunlight and soil suitability. Water sources should also be considered.
Before building the water flow, first determine the area and its location. After that, imagine the scene that will be constructed as a guide.
Then clean the area, including throwing stones, root wood and foreign matter in the soil. After that form the ground like a ditch before you cement to form a tributary stream. We suggest you make one a deeper pond to put a water pump.
After "creeks concrete" ready, you can put a new soft landscape to turn the atmosphere. In addition to granite, river gravel is placed on the left and right flow of water, planting trees that are resistant to wet areas such as iris, pandanus, and calathea caladium species.

Some species can be planted near the nails to enhance the flow of water. Also you can place the Cyperus Papyrus, paint or the cats tail and taro, taro pregnant.
Most important make sure the water flow and water pumps are used to function properly. Make sure water is always flowing like rivers in fact.
To close with disabilities running water, place the river rocks and gravel while scattered granite prepared and graded to make it look natural.
In the swimming placed sand that serves a water filter for water is always clear. Finally, add the fish, such as gold fish and koi fish.


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Exotic Pond Story (Two Level)

The presence of the park does not seem complete without a fish pond. Notice exotic ponds below carefully. This pond consists of two ponds with different height. Upper pond over 15cm higher than the pond bottom.
In the upper pond, the water flowing through the pipes diameter 2inci. Shower water from the pipe, causing a soft gurgling sound. The release of water vapor may cause cold on the wind.
The pool bottom was bigger. Shaped box, at the top of the pool there are three pillars that have different heights. The pillars were used to place three barrel-shaped clay. Barrel-barrel and then poured water into the pond bottom. In addition, barrel-shaped clay drum, exotic impression also emerges from the pool wall. There are three kinds natural stone mounted on the walls criss-cross the pond.
Forming other natural atmosphere is rock. The walls of this pool using a stone temple with a rough character who is black. In addition there is the appearance of andesite grayish black. There are also Bali stone clip (pieces) with creamy streaks line. As a complement to put some kind of greenery around the pond.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Minimalist pond tired reliever

Minimalis Ponds
Want to know a simple trick to relieve tired and exhausted in an instant? You do not need to go far, simply by removing the presence of water in the house (can contain waterfalls, fountains, or water flowing).
With limited land (enough with an area of 2.5 x 5 m) that you can see the beauty of the pond. Make a mini fish pond at home (can be low cost) and imagine how pleased and happy to see the fish pond peacefully in the pond's own. Fish Pond stress reliever was perfectly true.
As a rule these things you can consider: The depth of the pond at least 1 m with a width of 3 x 4 m. When the fish that you enter more than 20 fish, then you have to enlarge the pond area.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Water Garden

Easy Step To Make A Water Garden

Water garden arrangement can not be separated from the manufacture of the pool. The pool water is a good stimulation for the eyes and ears, the effect can create peace and tranquility as a reliever of stress and fatigue after a day of work.

Water park comes in various shapes and sizes, from tiny ponds to complex fish ponds (complete with fountains, fish and aquatic plants). However, keep in mind, a good arrangement of water garden in the backyard a person, not necessarily according to the backyard of others.

The steps to create a water garden:
1. Learn the land thoroughly. Select the best places for the laying of a pool of water. If possible, choose a place that is not only visible from the yard, also from inside the house.
2. Select as an ornamental pond fish (goldfish and koi fish most preferred).
3. Choose a water plant (usually a mini lotus or algae / algae).

Water Plants:
Water Hawthorne

Water Lily

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Vertical Garden

Make Small Area More Beauty With Vertical Garden
Currently green space is a primary need. Tiniest green land, it is very useful for owners because it makes the atmosphere more fresh and more beautiful. Vertical garden is a solution for those who live in areas dense with a narrow land but want to bring natural feel.
Structuring the vertical garden is very unique. All the material laid out and planted gardens on the media with vertical position, the roots of plants can be made for a strong grip on perpendicular media so as not to fall and the plant can flourish.
A variety of plants can be made vertical garden. Not only plants that are naturally attached (epiphytic). Plants that are commonly used include: ferns, golden dracaena, Bromelia, kadaka, and white and purple pandora, and others.
The advantage that plants are crop needs is available, ranging from water, nutrients, and light are all optimal.


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Get another dimension to your life with the Garden Balcony!

Being apartment dwellers should not preclude you from having a garden. Many types of gardens can be created on balconies. With the addition of flower color, balcony becomes an entertainment center perfect for relaxing. Turf, small shrubs, and dwarf trees can be used to create miniature landscapes suburbs on the ground. The balcony even offer the opportunity for food production, with flowering fruit trees and container grown herbs and vegetables.

How do i convert a terraced penthouse or a simple second-floor terrace into a garden?

First, consider how you want to use the area. Are you looking for relaxation areas, colorful or just want privacy in high places?

Second, evaluate the microclimate. Notice how much sunlight in the area and for how long. If a balcony is hidden, whether sunlight can reach that area? If the situation is very open, whether the area was very windy and very hot?If you do not get a comfortable place where it could take some small renovations may be needed to make the area in accordance with your wishes.

In addition, safety is an important factor to consider. Be sure to use a lightweight growing media which can reduce weight by up to 60% above the standard garden soil. Avoid using heavy container, plastics and cedar wood are recommended for this situation.

Plants on the balcony outside the room will usually be enjoyed indoors as well, so be sure to plant eye-catching displays in which they can be seen through glass doors. For example, miniature conifers in wooden troughs offer year-round pleasure to see.

One popular way to display the various plants in a small space is a "three-level" design. upright plant is used against a wall or trellis, or as a center of plantation in the box to add height. Dense, medium-tall plants to fill most of the container. Planter boxes come with many sizes and shapes such as rectangular, square, lift legs, and also bowls that are suitable for shallow rooted plant material. Trailing plants are placed on the edge of the planter fell on softening the composition.

The balcony has been turned into a "backyard" for thousands of apartments, condos, and townhouse dwellers across the country. Be adventurous. You may simply place a balcony.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Choosing Plants For Balcony Garden

Choosing Garden Plants

Choosing plants like choosing a pot, you can choose plants that match your balcony condition. Plants do not have a leafy green, but you can choose the vegetables, flowers or even herbs. Important factors to consider are:

Sun Exposure
Height Plants
Spread of plants
Distance of plants

Do not forget, provide the type of soil with water content to suit individual needs.