Sunday, 16 January 2011

Exotic Pond Story (Two Level)

The presence of the park does not seem complete without a fish pond. Notice exotic ponds below carefully. This pond consists of two ponds with different height. Upper pond over 15cm higher than the pond bottom.
In the upper pond, the water flowing through the pipes diameter 2inci. Shower water from the pipe, causing a soft gurgling sound. The release of water vapor may cause cold on the wind.
The pool bottom was bigger. Shaped box, at the top of the pool there are three pillars that have different heights. The pillars were used to place three barrel-shaped clay. Barrel-barrel and then poured water into the pond bottom. In addition, barrel-shaped clay drum, exotic impression also emerges from the pool wall. There are three kinds natural stone mounted on the walls criss-cross the pond.
Forming other natural atmosphere is rock. The walls of this pool using a stone temple with a rough character who is black. In addition there is the appearance of andesite grayish black. There are also Bali stone clip (pieces) with creamy streaks line. As a complement to put some kind of greenery around the pond.

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