Saturday, 1 January 2011

Reforming the balcony apartments with simple and natural style

Balcony garden

Living in apartments is very profitable and practical. The main reason is the location of the apartments are close to the workplace. In addition, the comfort and security of the facilities already provided by the manager's apartment.With a little creativity, you can conjure up an apartment balcony into a beautiful vegetable garden. You only need to provide a container or potted plants for the planting. The advantage to use pot are: practical (easy to arrange, just move the pots in accordance with the wishes) and water-saving, because with this pot system, the water used will be far more efficient than if planted directly into the ground.

Here are some practical ways to create a vegetable garden on the balcony.1. Choose the type of plants that require easy maintenance, such as tomato, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, green beans or spinach. Use a little creativity you, then these plants can be planted in pots and arranged to decorate your apartment balcony.2. Calculate the size of container plants, because the size of the container plants depending on the type of crop to be planted. For example, tomatoes need a container measuring 18 inches, while the pepper match the pot small.3. To accelerate the irrigation system in the pot, before planting medium is paved, more used to give small stones or gravel in the bottom of the pot.4. As a soil fertilizer, mix compost in growing media, because plants also require nutrients for growth and development.5. As with plants, you still have to make watering plants every day and put in place appropriate to their needs. For example, tomatoes need a place that is always exposed to sun exposure, while spinach and lettuce is better placed in a slightly shady. Make sure the plants on the balcony you get direct sun irradiate at least 6 hours a day.6. Use tralis and balcony railing as a place to propagate and support your plants, like tomatoes, cucumbers or green beans. Not only calm, your vegetable plants will increasingly look beautiful decorating your apartment balcony.With a little creativity, imagination and time you have, then you can change your apartment balcony into the shade, comfortable and refreshing.

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