Monday, 17 January 2011

Mini Fish Pond Story With Fountain (Three Level)

If your house have only narrow pages, it do not hinder your creativity. An idea to beautify your pages is create mini pond with fountain. This pond show a little river at home.
Moving a river in your home is a challenge. Especially the determination of the location should be appropriate and pay attention to the direction of water flow, sunlight and soil suitability. Water sources should also be considered.
Before building the water flow, first determine the area and its location. After that, imagine the scene that will be constructed as a guide.
Then clean the area, including throwing stones, root wood and foreign matter in the soil. After that form the ground like a ditch before you cement to form a tributary stream. We suggest you make one a deeper pond to put a water pump.
After "creeks concrete" ready, you can put a new soft landscape to turn the atmosphere. In addition to granite, river gravel is placed on the left and right flow of water, planting trees that are resistant to wet areas such as iris, pandanus, and calathea caladium species.

Some species can be planted near the nails to enhance the flow of water. Also you can place the Cyperus Papyrus, paint or the cats tail and taro, taro pregnant.
Most important make sure the water flow and water pumps are used to function properly. Make sure water is always flowing like rivers in fact.
To close with disabilities running water, place the river rocks and gravel while scattered granite prepared and graded to make it look natural.
In the swimming placed sand that serves a water filter for water is always clear. Finally, add the fish, such as gold fish and koi fish.


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