Sunday, 2 January 2011

Get another dimension to your life with the Garden Balcony!

Being apartment dwellers should not preclude you from having a garden. Many types of gardens can be created on balconies. With the addition of flower color, balcony becomes an entertainment center perfect for relaxing. Turf, small shrubs, and dwarf trees can be used to create miniature landscapes suburbs on the ground. The balcony even offer the opportunity for food production, with flowering fruit trees and container grown herbs and vegetables.

How do i convert a terraced penthouse or a simple second-floor terrace into a garden?

First, consider how you want to use the area. Are you looking for relaxation areas, colorful or just want privacy in high places?

Second, evaluate the microclimate. Notice how much sunlight in the area and for how long. If a balcony is hidden, whether sunlight can reach that area? If the situation is very open, whether the area was very windy and very hot?If you do not get a comfortable place where it could take some small renovations may be needed to make the area in accordance with your wishes.

In addition, safety is an important factor to consider. Be sure to use a lightweight growing media which can reduce weight by up to 60% above the standard garden soil. Avoid using heavy container, plastics and cedar wood are recommended for this situation.

Plants on the balcony outside the room will usually be enjoyed indoors as well, so be sure to plant eye-catching displays in which they can be seen through glass doors. For example, miniature conifers in wooden troughs offer year-round pleasure to see.

One popular way to display the various plants in a small space is a "three-level" design. upright plant is used against a wall or trellis, or as a center of plantation in the box to add height. Dense, medium-tall plants to fill most of the container. Planter boxes come with many sizes and shapes such as rectangular, square, lift legs, and also bowls that are suitable for shallow rooted plant material. Trailing plants are placed on the edge of the planter fell on softening the composition.

The balcony has been turned into a "backyard" for thousands of apartments, condos, and townhouse dwellers across the country. Be adventurous. You may simply place a balcony.

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