Saturday, 1 January 2011

Make A Beautiful Garden Balcony

Gardening is one hobby that can refresh the mind. However, do not imagine a house or large land if you like a hobby. Gardening is not a hobby for people who have homes and large tracts of land. In order for your life more colorful, it never hurts to make a small garden in one corner of your residence such as: balconies, terraces and even the windows.

Balcony Garden Plan / Design

The balcony design is kept clean and uncluttered with minimal furnishings and a collection of neatly planted boxes and containers.

 Tips for Creating a Garden Balcony
1. Divide your space into two functional areas - one area to sit, relax or eat, other regions and developing a planting zone. Determine seating area with mats or carpets (if like, you can complete with folding table and two folding chairs). Mark the developing zone with pot, and set aside an area for storage of gardening tools.

2. Use potted plants at various heights, shapes and sizes for visual interest.

3. Choose bright colors with flowers and greenery.

4. Plant saucer with wheels allows you to easily move and change the pots to make sure all planters plants get sunlight.


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