Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Vertical Garden

Make Small Area More Beauty With Vertical Garden
Currently green space is a primary need. Tiniest green land, it is very useful for owners because it makes the atmosphere more fresh and more beautiful. Vertical garden is a solution for those who live in areas dense with a narrow land but want to bring natural feel.
Structuring the vertical garden is very unique. All the material laid out and planted gardens on the media with vertical position, the roots of plants can be made for a strong grip on perpendicular media so as not to fall and the plant can flourish.
A variety of plants can be made vertical garden. Not only plants that are naturally attached (epiphytic). Plants that are commonly used include: ferns, golden dracaena, Bromelia, kadaka, and white and purple pandora, and others.
The advantage that plants are crop needs is available, ranging from water, nutrients, and light are all optimal.


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