Saturday, 6 August 2011

Uniquely Bamboo Yellow

Even plants that no privilege can look unique by planting a creative way.

Crop plants is a garden designer to give added value. With merangkainya with other plants, place them in the right position in the garden, or grow it in a pretty terra-cotta pots are a few ways to add value it.

Similarly, yellow bamboo (Phyllostachys sulphrurea) this. You may often see it as a hedge, border garden, or grow wild on the roadside. Try different designs of yellow bamboo plants can look very unique. Designer garden planting bamboo on his side. Not just to be different. He created a living canopy of how this unique plant bamboo.

As a complement, garnished with hanging plants bamboo tilandsia (Tillandsia usneoides) and dozens of crystal accessories. The shape of water droplets suspended in crystal accessories bamboo poles capable of reflecting sunlight. The result, a view unique under the lush foliage of bamboo.

Inspired? See your garden. There are a lot of potential there. Exploration trees and shrubs that need little touches to make it look more beautiful. Happy gardening!......

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