Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mini Fountain in Mini Garden

If your hobby farming as well as lovers of fish and want to create your own garden pond, here are some steps that are easy to make:
1. After determining the location, create outline the shape you want by using a mine or a water hose. Use wooden pegs to hold the hose to keep it form a pattern.
    2. Create a trench with a width of approximately 15-23 cm beyond the stakes are. Then, use a shovel to dig the pond. To coat the pool, you can use a pond liner (pond of plastic molds) or concrete.
    3. Now, if the pool is formed, you can fill it with water. Use a water meter so that the volume of water in the pond can be known. The volume of water determines the size of the necessary pumps and filters.
    4. The water pump is used if you want to equip the pool with a mini waterfall or fountain. Meanwhile, the filter works to maintain water quality. For, unlike the river or the sea, the water does not flow into the pond so that any dirt will accumulate there if not cleaned.
    5. Swimming is available, then stay gardening. Use standard gardening tools such as shovels, hedge-clippers and rakes. Use small pots to put plants in the pond. Water garden can be enjoyed immediately.

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