Friday, 26 August 2011

Simple and beauty Plant

If you want to change the interior of the house, there is a simple but interesting way to get it. The trick is simple, namely by including betel plant ivory (sirih gading) into the houseNo need to buy, just take advantage of plants in the yard. 
It can live well in soil or water.But, it will be more practical if you make it in the water as the media.
 This plant will bring an exciting new atmosphere into space. You do not need to watered every day. But, in the room, it need to be given some sunshine at least every 14 days.
Do not be confused to find a suitable place to plant it. Just use the pitcher or glass. First, you have to rinse the container before use. Next, fill it with water until itu reaches half the height ot the botlle (or the other place that you want). Cut the root of the betel ivory joint or trunk. Place into a container  until it partly stems or the stems submerged in the water.

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