Friday, 26 August 2011

Clean Your Patio

Patios are a wonderful addition to your home. Spring and summer are good times spend the terraces with parasols and colorful living young adults to spend time with them. They are the perfect place to spend time with your family and friends. However, decks can easily identify. Food spills and beverages and exposure to the elements of nature are often dirty and become a problem for you.

The following sections take you to clean your playground favorites to ensure a beautiful terrace overlooking clean and bright days in spring and summer.

A large number of chemicals on the market that are used to clean the patio. A chemical that is the policy of the cabinet, ideal for places that are not so stubborn. Use warm water and rub the surface to remove stains and dirt and then rinse with water. Let dry and look to your garden, as ever.

The toughest stains like red wine spills are difficult to remove. Use lemon juice to remove this. Water can wash away the stains, because it is a universal solvent, but some stains can be used to remove the laundry. They are ideal for cleaning spots, he left for “some time and are difficult to remove because they are cured.

Bleach, dry or in solution, is a wonderful way to clean the yard. Bleach can help clean tough stains. Mix bleach with water in a bucket and use it to wipe the hard court. Make a stiff brush for that. When finished, rinse the bleach with water. To ascertain whether the farm is surrounded by grass and other plants that the permanence of the water mixed with chlorine away from plants that are more dead grass and other plants. When using diluted bleach, leave the field with the chlorine in the night and the next morning I rub, then rinse with water holes.

Chlorine is a poison, careful not to come into contact with children or animals or vegetation. Bear with work gloves and clothing that can have after work, because most likely destroy the handling of chlorine. (from

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  1. Patios are a good addition to your house and it's a place where you can have your “chill” time. Unfortunately, not a lot of people actually pay attention or even spend time in cleaning their patio, thus making it an unappealing place to stay. I hope they consider spending time or even hiring professionals to clean not only their patio, but other parts of their exteriors as well. This is to maintain a beautiful house.

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