Friday, 26 August 2011

Betel plant is a plant that are easily found in the tropics. The growth of vines or can also dangle when grown in hanging pots. This plant is easy to live on land that is not too humid, enough water and enough sunlight. However, to maintain the beauty of betel leaf plants should not be placed in areas exposed to direct sunlight. For treatment, do the watering just once a day, cut the leaves are yellowing, and do tilling the soil when the soil appeared to be solid.
To be protected betel plant, you can make cover crops such as fruit trees (guava, rambutan, and mango) or you can choose an ornamental plant or Alamanda seerti red palm.
These vines will adorn the walls in your home. The effect of course would make a pretty cool and further adds to the appearance of your home.

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