Friday, 26 August 2011

Beautify Home With Patio

Making Hanging Gardens of Babylon-inspired patio. Patio derived from Spanish, which means garden or backyard, has been around since the 15th century BC, originally from Egypt and other desert areas. At that time the parks are at risk of drought, so it was moved into the house.
The function of the patio is to create beauty and comfort in homes, as well as increasing the flow of air into the house. In addition as a function of aesthetics.

Special area that can take place outside the home and also placed in this house can be used to hold a banquet dinner or as a place to gather with family.

The simplest way is to place potted plants and potted mini fountain in the area that you like. If you have a budget you can place tables, chairs, and plants in the middle of the house or backyard. In fact, it could also be added with a barbeque. As another option, you can add also a mini pool table, ping pong tables, and hammocks (hammocks), so that felt more relaxed atmosphere.

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