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Garden Types

Garden Types

The function of the park is currently not only as a supplement, but has become a necessity. Parks not only reflects homeowners but also supports the activities and space needs of the household. From the head of the family, wife, until the children. Therefore, many aspects that we must take into account in designing the park. Important aspects in designing a garden design are: spacious parks, the activities to be accommodated, the harmony of gardens with buildings.

Among the most common types of garden is a garden of traditional culture and geography (for example, Japanese garden, china garden, garden french, american, english, tropical Bali, a tropical Thailand and Japan) and a garden that grows ages (modern gardens, minimalist and dry garden). Each type reflects a strong character, the influence of different and has its own fans.


Japanese Garden
Now it is less popular types of garden. The gardens are full of this philosophy can be an option to enhance your minimalist home. Monochrome color (also found in Mediterranean gardens) will strengthen the minimalist style. The use of hard elements such as stone, sand comb, bamboo wind chimes and shower, very compatible with minimalist lines.

To adapt the design of this park is sure to not be too thick. The use of stone lanterns (toro), for example, will collide with the architecture of the house. Forget also because of the rigid Bonsai will compete with the architecture of the house.

American Park
American parks are unpopular in Indonesia because it creates an impression 'of wild plants in the meadow'. Indonesian people prefer the look cool or 'clean'. Garden style is synonymous with colorful shrubs that soft texture and shade trees. This type is suitable if it has a garden large enough so that no slums or to impress homeowners who are happy with the activities outside the home, has the adventurous spirit, and wanted to be different. Can be used harsh elements such as: pergola, patio, picnic tables, barbecue pits and a short fence that surrounds the bush.

If you want to use the pergola, choose a delicate flower plants like Morning Glory (Ipomoea lobata), Tears of the bride (Antigonon leptopus) and jasmine vine (Jasminum officinale). It is suggested that aromatic. Material from an iron pergola so that it looks too lightweight, durable and mengkomplemen home architecture.

English Garden

This garden type is usually used in the building who want to impress majestic (monumental). Identical to the use of candles pine (Cupressus sempervirens), which maintained manila grass and bushes neatly arranged flowers with a symmetrical pattern and rigid, like a grid or circle. In the preparation of symmetrical patterns must consider the location of columns, fences and other forms of drive way.
Examples of hardware elements that can be used: show
er (bird bath) high garden lights and lawn chairs made from iron.

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