Friday, 24 December 2010

Beautify Park with Bamboo

Beautify Park with Bamboo
If you want a different look in your garden, u can use the bamboo. Bamboo can be used as a filler blank area on the wall that is too bright.
This design used genuine bamboo, but the leaves are artificial (from plastic). So the park owner does not have to bother to take care of bamboo leaves of the original.
It is very easy. Namely, one bamboo stem is cut form the 10 stems @ 2.5 m. To cut bamboo, you may request assistance from the seller, but to do their finishing (sanding and varnish application.) your self.  After chopped, you have to dried bamboo. Then once dry, the bamboo was planted at the background of the park that serves to fill the field.
Easy is not it? With little cost you can create a unique atmosphere at home.

Bamboo Garden is located at the corner of the room at night. The addition of some more light warms the atmosphere of the park at night

Bamboo garden that looks on during the day. Additional ornaments such as teapots from clay with a blend of the soothing pool of your home.

Use of artificial bamboo leaves will not pollute your home. You do not need every day sweep the fallen leaves. Artificial bamboo leaves can be obtained at the big stores that sell home accessories.

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