Saturday, 18 December 2010

Futoi Garden

Futoi Garden
Futoi has beautiful and exotic silhouette. Futoi can be used to beautify your home pages, live fence, or water garden. For natural concept design, minimalis, or ethnic, futoi is the right choice. 

Futoi’s placement can be done according to your taste and your design. For the pool, futoi first planted in the pot, then marinated in pots placed around the pool or pond. To beautify the yard or a fence, more beautiful futoi also planted in pots and less suitable when planted directly in soil. To increase the firmness of its physical form, select a long pot size 100x40 cm. Besides the former used as pot is also good because it looks ethnic pot.

Futoi good also placed on the roof, garden or park side of the house. To concern, sunshine and proper use of fertilizers, obtained, was not too much or less.

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