Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dry Garden (Xeriscape)


Xeriscape means the garden that needs water in small amounts. In Greek, meaning xeros dry or dry. Ideally, xeriscape gardens still need water, although far fewer in number than the garden generally. Plants that used native plants that were still living in an area, say area that has a normal rainfall.
Of particular interest in making a dry garden:
1. Recognize the nature of the park area
Spend some time time to observe the existing areas. How do climatic conditions in the area, how dry and how the source water for penyiramannya.
2. Perform soil improvement
There is a place that is too much sun and there is less light. There is also a land of stagnant water in a long time (by rain water and waste water watering the garden). Perform soil drainage improvement menggemburkan way or make an appropriate drainage system. See also whether the addition of compost on the soil surface to inhibit evaporation of water and increase soil fertility.
3. Choose plants that only need a little water
The main requirement in the selection of plants is the type of plants that still grow local or, in the surrounding environment. The existence of this type of garden can be combined with the types of parks in general that require more water as long as we can mengharmonikan design compatibility between the two.
The types of plants that can be used, among others: for example Groundcover Aloe species, Lantana, Plumbago zeylanica, and Zamia furfuraceae. Type of Euphorbia shrubs example, Sansevieri, Adenium, Agave, Alamanda schotti, volkensii Gardenia, Hibiscus, Kalanchoe, Jasminum sambac, Nolina recurvata Portulacaria Afra, Plumbago auriculata, and Nerium oleande. Tree Species instance Bauhinia, Caesalpinia pulcherrima, Dracaena, Ficus carica, Ficus macrophylla, Ficus palmeri, Ipomea arborescens, Morinda citrifolia, Delonix regia, Erythrina sp and Casuarina equiseifolia.

Dry garden can be an option for those of you who have limited land. Dry garden makes an alternative view at home. Selection of the right plants will further beautify your home.
Dry garden can be placed anywhere. It did not take place widely, even dry garden can also be placed under the stairs. Narrow room will be more beautiful with the addition of dry garden. Use of natural stones, coral, gravel, or decorative lights will improve the appearance of dry garden. Dry garden can be placed next to the house, front porch, dining room, family room, backyard, even in the hallway bathroom.

Parks steps down the stairs to make appearances at home is no longer rigid. Park under the stairs will be adorable residents of the house because the stairs is no longer a boring scene.
Usually the back yard was never used as a park because its existence is not seen by others outside the family. Dry garden can be a choice to beautify your backyard. Narrow area behind the house can be made dry garden. Provided you keen in the selection of plants, the backyard will not be less vibrant compared to the other room.

Dry garden in the family room will eliminate the fatigue after a day of family members outside the home. Togetherness in the family room will be a new routine that will be eagerly awaited by all family members.

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