Monday, 6 December 2010

Garden types based on the type of houses

Type Houses

There are several types of homes are popular today. Among others: Type of the modern home, contemporary and minimalist.

Modern Houses
Type the park in accordance with modern residential style is a Mediterranean garden, tropical gardens, and English gardens. For those who love the park owner and the firm impression 'clean' match with Mediterranean garden. Tropical garden suitable for who want a more residential appearance of calm and harmonious with the nature residential. Modern English garden can be choose if Pine wax is replaced with a Palm or a banana fan (Ravenala madagascariensis). Changes in tree selection will change the park into the park colonial English (hybrid of English garden with tropical gardens).

 Tropical Garden suitable for you who want the house cool and comfortable. Some tall trees will provide the freshness that makes you feel in the tropics.

Contrasting colors in the garden will beautify your life. Eliminate the saturated mind becomes fresh again.

The atmosphere of the desert can you move them to the house by adapting them into a Mediterranean-style garden arrangement.

Selection of color in modern house can be more daring and do not have to monochrome. Colors such as yellow, purple and blue can be combined as a contrast. However, the harmony of colors should be taken into account.

Hard elements such as garden lighting, walkways, and flower pots can be selected with an eclectic style that dare challenge the creativity of their owners.
Moreover, if the owner does not want to bother with the maintenance of plants to choose manila grass neatly accented with palm trees in some places (but not recommended for large yard because it will impress the hot and arid). That must be considered is the lighting. Manila grass require direct sunlight and many that you should use a palm or pine candles. Large trees that are too shady will cause grass to die, giving rise to the 'bald' trees. When around the park area did not receive full sun is recommended to use a mini elephant grass as an alternative.

Expanse of coral stone and stepping stone that is prepared with a specific pattern can also be an option. Wear a distinguished rounded stones like coral to be safe when stepped on, especially for children. Games shades and various sizes of stone can also create an interesting display.

Contemporary homes
Types of gardens suitable for use is garden minimalist style, Mediterranean, tropical and colonial American.

The use of bold color and contrast can be tried as long as it remains compatible with the color of the building. For the hard elements such as lights, stepping stone and others can be more daring in design and color

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