Friday, 18 February 2011

Steps in designing aquascape

How to make beautiful aquascape in your home?
These are steps to make it:
1. Putting in place a flat aquarium
2. Washing the sand until it was clean, until the fine dust is not visible anymore
3. Sprinkle some sand into the aquarium
4. Fertilizer sprinkled thinly but evenly
5. Stirring the sand and fertilizer, and then leveled
6. Insert remaining clean sand on top of the mixture, while making the contour. The front of at least 5 cm, and then getting behind the higher.
7. Insert a stone or wood ornaments that have been washed before. Keep as natural as possible so it does not seem stif.
8. Filling the aquarium with water as much as half the volume of the aquarium. Charging is done by providing a plastic placemat or plate to avoid damaging the surface of the sand and make make the water turbid
9. Preparing for the plants to be used, and do the planting in accordance with the desired layout    
10. Filling the water back up to full and put the entire installation, such as filters and lights.


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