Friday, 4 March 2011

Materials to Make Saltwater Aquarium

If you have a hobby to keep the fish, saltwater aquarium is no less interesting than the freshwater aquarium. Step to make it also very easy. The materials needed are also easily available.  
Here are materials you need:
1.Akuarium glass
Select the aquarium made of glass, not acrylic (plastic), with medium height (not too high) so easy to clean and the volume of the aquarium should not be less than 45 liters. Excellence aquarium glass is resistant to scratches. Sometimes the interior of the aquarium could hit the rocks.

2. Dye Pumps
Choose a pump bag with capacity of 1000 liters / hour in order to provide flows for fish tank 90cm long. When you use a larger aquarium pump with a larger capacity or a combination of several medium and small-capacity pumps.

3. Protein skimmer (filter)
Marine aquarium filter called a protein skimmer. This filter is located at the bottom. Water pumped from bottom to top, go down and filtered again. Its function is to remove protein impurities from the aquarium so that water is always clean. Plihlah protein skimmer with a large size that will fit your aquarium.

4. Lamp
Use light specific to marine aquarium. Sun lamps as a replacement is needed for the coral reefs. For every liter of water is needed and a half watt lights.

5. Sea water
You can buy sea water in the stores that sell supplies of sea water. The price is cheap but it should be noted about the salinity of sea water. Make sure that the salinity in accordance with natural sea water. If the salinity is less, it must be added to salt. Whereas if excessive salinity, then simply add fresh water that do not contain iron. It is very important because the fish will stress even death if not in accordance with the aquarium water habitat. Every month, you should replace the aquarium water for 5-10% of water conditions stay awake. Do not be too much to change the water because the fish can stress or even death.

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