Friday, 11 February 2011


Aquascape is art of aquarium arrangement.
If you like the natural atmosphere, maybe you should try to park in the water. This park is unique, because the entire park is in the water (submerged). Simply put, you have a garden that was in the aquarium (aquascape). But more major aquascape garden care than the fish. Because not all types of fish suitable to live with a number of dominant plant species existing in aquarium. Some types of fish disturbed by the presence of plants growing around it. But there are types who like to destroy crops of fish such as goldfish species.
The principle is the presence of the plant became part of the ecosystem balance in the water. Fish need oxygen for breathing, release carbon dioxide as waste products. Plants will absorb carbon dioxide as raw materials of photosynthesis process to convert into food for. Another advantage, the plant serves as a biofilter to absorb fish feces and urine which could eventually result in toxicity to the growth of the fish itself.

Aquatic plants such as crops grown on land, using the growing medium in the form of quartz sand mixed with a special fertilizer that is produced specifically for the aquascape. So that looks clean and the plant held in the planting medium, medium surface covered again with sand that is still clean (without fertilizer mixture) and the contoured surface is made to make it look dimensional.

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