Saturday, 5 February 2011


Verticulture is a method of farming in a narrow area which is placed vertically (nested). Suitable for those who have a hobby farming, but land is limited.
Verticulture quite popular because the results obtained can be as much as when farming in the wider area. Usually the plants cultivated by using paint cans are made bunk. Be endowed with a frame made of wood or metal such as rack.
Verticulture also suitable place at home. In a narrow area, in the alley beside the house, for example, planting all the plants directly into the ground, is not possible. Instead, you can choose the pot. Create a wooden or metal shelves, stacking pots of plants were there.
It could also make a rack on the wall. Hanging pots, also one verticulure cultivation. In order to accommodate more plants, hanging two pots in a single order rope.
Creating a garden in this way is different from him directly on the soil surface. Choice of plants differs. Parks verticulture much use of pots, so choose plants that canopy leaves are not too wide. Tongue-in-law, cactus, suplir, ferns, etc., could be an option. For hanging pots can select plants whose leaves hung down, it looks more attractive.
Do not forget, take care of these plants in order to stay beautiful.

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