Friday, 11 February 2011

Aquascape's Composition

The composition of such aquascape garden composition. The size, texture, character growth and color gradation on the basis of high and low compiled, so it looks from every direction dimension. The composition of these plants can also be combined with complementary hard materials of stone and wood that have been fossilized as an ornament. Use rocks for freshwater aquarium is not recommended, because of the high lime content of the rock can affect the quality of water that cause negative for plant growth.

Environmental water needs of crops grown close. The need of light such as light beam is obtained through the quality resembles natural light. To aquascape should use tubular fluorescent lamps. Advantages: saving energy and light produced evenly but do not generate heat. The downside: limited intensity so that will be effective when placed at a maximum height of 60 cm from the surface of the aquarium water. As an illustration, the aquarium size 70 x 70 x 60 cm (height) using powerful lighting 7000 Kelvin with a capacity of 150 watts which is turned on for 8 hours a day.

The temperature in the water is maintained so as not to exceed 26 degrees Celsius, because more than that can cause unhealthy plants grow slowly even be dead. To maintain water temperature to use additional equipment that is controlled chiller that serves the same with air conditioned (AC) with a portable system that is connected with water through the pipe installation. Levels of carbon dioxide in water maintained in a balanced condition so that the process of life in the water is running normally. To control CO2 levels are used indicator is placed in the water. Change the color of the indicator shows the CO2 content in the water.

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