Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wood or Steel Furniture For Your Patio

Furniture is an integral part of a decoration. Most of the furniture is available in two main body frames, wood and steel. Wood furniture is then divided into different types depending on the type of wood furniture. such as teak wood, cedar wood, rattan furniture, or other materials. Metal parts are also varieties such as stainless steel, wrought iron furniture, etc. The difference between these two types of furniture this is the method of manufacture.

The following are the advantages of using each material:

1) Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is the most widely used and selecting materials for furniture. The main reason is ease of use. Wood is a flexible material to work with (compared to steel), wood furniture production requires less initial investment in terms of money.

Carpentry skills necessary to perform the work of furniture can also be easily learned, is a popular type of Movable Type. From the standpoint of nature, wood furniture looks very aesthetic and sweet decorations can be easily implemented on the wood surface.

2) Steel furniture
Steel Mobile has gained much popularity after technological advances in metallurgy. Manufacture of steel furniture and equipment requires no special skills. The great advantage of steel furniture strength and longevity.

Steel furniture can be placed in the category of "contemporary furniture". Because the production process is flexible, mobile every shape and size can be easily designed and manufactured today. Wooden furniture are still some limitations when it comes to the form.

Thus, all types of furniture chosen should consider not only the ease of use, but factors that are also responsible for the visual beauty from within.

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