Friday, 16 September 2011

Teak Patio Furniture

The court is a good place to relax after a hard day’s work. As it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, plastic, cast aluminum and furniture are not good ideas for garden furniture because they would absorb heat. A good choice is teak patio furniture, wood does not soak the heat or cold. It can be a lot of wood, which can be used as garden furniture, teak furniture, but will be the best type. The ability to keep teak, structure and shape for many years to change even more with time, making it an ideal choice. Another reason for its popularity is its special luster, which is unusual for the oil content in the heartwood. 

Teak tree, birch timber is a member of the family Verbenaceae. From areas in Southeast Asia, the tree may reach as high as 30m – 40m and can live a hundred years. The resin oil in its nucleus, it is extremely water resistant and protects the wood against insects, rot and bacteria. Teck also thick fibers that can be cut and formed into various shapes without difficulty. His ability, all kinds of weather and seasonal changes resist it an excellent choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor furniture. 
Teak garden furniture will not rust or corrosion, even under exposure to extreme heat and water or contact with metal. The furniture can all year there, as their natural ability to withstand climate change does not require storage to be delivered to the inside in winter. It can simply be washed with soap and water source and are areas where the paint has been damaged or removed easily repaired. Teak wood is very strong and lasted a number of years. was found in the things of the West Indian caves untreated teak more than 2000 years of history are not damaged.

Teak furniture has a regular and uniform texture that is not smart or not. The original color is usually honey brown. However, since the passage of time, life, teak surface with a silver gray and has a warm atmosphere. These mixtures of hardwood harmoniously in any environment and is placed inside the house, would flatten the tones of the wood grain and teak wood retains its rich golden brown color. Teak patio furniture offers a touch of elegance and style to the terrace or in the lounge.
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 The production of teak furniture and other products is not cost effective and consume too much energy compared to the production of plastic, aluminum or metal furniture. Unprocessed plastic furniture comes from several chemical compounds are treated with resin heated. This product was being subjected to further processing before the finished product is manufactured. is produced during, teak wood requires very little change after harvest before the finished product. In addition, teak wood comes from a plant that fills the teak supply when they are harvested. Scraps of teak are generally used as fuel for boilers or for other purposes such as floors. The durability of teak prevents the constant replacement of furniture and it will not harm the earth or the landfill once it is not broken.
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  1. Great design of furniture. Nice pieces. Perfect look. Great to see these design of furniture. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. If you can afford it, teak outdoor furniture is a great investment that can last a lifetime.