Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fresh Your Home With Patio

Air conditioner (AC) is not the only way to make a cool shelter. One natural way to cool the dwelling is by presenting a small garden in a residential or popularly called patio. Like an oasis in the desert, patiobisa be one way to bring freshness to a dwelling.
In addition to making housing more cool and fresh, green plants and gurgling water pools could also eliminate fatigue. No wonder when the patio started to become a trend, especially for urban residential in the middle. Patio can provide the freshness that is no less than just a park in front of the house.
Various benefits you can get from the park in this house. In this park residents can relax for a moment from the view of office buildings. Patio can also be useful to add to the beauty in the house. Moreover, the function unconsciously patio itself could be a means to absorb as much sunlight into the house. Automatically, the more energy efficient homes and the occupants are healthier.

Patio is part stand-alone buildings or related to outer space, park, or garden .. Patio should be put in place with the best views. In addition, also within easy reach. For example, by making a path towards building a house with a separate patioyang.
Besides the location, which should also be considered is the proportion. Size of the patio should be proportional to the land the house so as not to cripple and even aesthetically patio is not only useful as a functional, yet visually the patio can be eye catching in the house.
Regarding the solid-padannya with existing elements in the house, because the patio is an element of outer space, it should be paired with the physical appearance of the home / building. For example, by aligning the design style. Or if the location patiodi in the house,, for coherent and match with other furniture and accessories in the house can be a color.
To maximize the function of the patio, the other thing is no less important is the lighting. Lodging in the morning and afternoon, the patio is almost never needed artificial light because it is usually used as a transitional space patio outside and inside is getting enough light from the sun. As for the evening, the patio is quite simple to use lighting. For example, light is made of a strobe light or general lighting.
Regarding the placement of lighting, when light from a strobe light is used, then it is usually light is useful to illuminate the table and patio furniture in the area. While the general lighting / general usually required so that all parts can be exposed to bright light.
Different again with outboard lighting, this light is usually useful to reinforce the view at night.
It can be placed with the casing outdoor lights to illuminate the road around and add aesthetic. Placing lighting for outdoor spaces, which need to be considered is the highlight part of the patio or around plants, and so that feels pretty exciting.
In addition to lighting there is one additional element that can be used as value-added to the patio, the floor and plants.
Floors are usually put on pavement concrete example of this type of paving. While the plant was instrumental elements to make the patio more beautiful. In addition, patio design is also very decisive added value.

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