Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Patio Lighting

Lighting should illuminate the entire room evenly, because of its function to provide light for the occupants of the house. Lighting does not need too bright, but enough so that the room is not too dark. Usually used to get the lamp type downlight illumination across the entire room.
With a dimmer, we can adjust the lights dim in accordance with our wishes. Bed room for example, we are still awake when we need a bright light while we sleep when needed dim light. By using a dimer in downlights or a table lamp, light settings can be done easily.
Night lights should be provided in every area that we may pass during the hours of sleep. Lights are used preferably with a dim light, because its function merely to avoid these spaces into darkness, so that barely passable. Examples of this room that requires light for example, the hallway to the bathroom and stairs.
indirect lighting
The bulb should not be seen directly, that is visible only through intermediaries light or frosted glass. Perhaps using the lamp cover will be a little hurt from the brightness level lights, but the rays are seen directly in space will greatly interfere with comfort and less eye-catching because of its light becomes uneven.

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