Friday, 1 July 2011

Steps To Make Small Garden

Creating a garden should not be the origin. If not carefully planned, will only create the bushes and littering the landscape.
A garden was created with the aim to bring the beauty. Determined whether a beautiful garden of softscape and hardscape material selection, color composition and shape, and overall harmony of design.
Some of the following should be observed, so the park is created completely in accordance with our expectations.
Two main things that have to be prepared are:
     * Preparation of design or concept of the park
     * Preparation of technical.
Preparation of design is the creation of garden design drawings in accordance with the concept of garden design as desired. Making the pattern of land, electricity and water installations preparation, placement, and determining the point of planting are some things that should be summarized in the concept design created.
Preparing the Land
At this stage, which must be done is the excavation and the reversal of the soil, backfill, tilling, and fertilization or addition of nutrients in the soil. This process serves to make preparations for the planting of land that is ready to be planted and has a contour corresponding to our expectations, as well as to liberate the land of weeds that will interfere with plant growth.

Creating Garden Construction
In the process of planning and making the trail done. This element is important for the circulation path in the park so that all activities undertaken in the park later on not interfering with the growth of plants and other elements. Design and material path can be made in a variety of options in accordance with an area of ​​land.

Determining Hardware Garden Elements (hardscape)
Included in the harsh elements of the park are various pots, rocks, lights, and other accessories that will be used as a complement to the park, both functional and aesthetic role.

Element Software Park (softscape)
Various types of plants, the choice is planned in this process. It is considered a matter of species of plants (shrubs, bushes, and protector). About colors (flowers and leaves) jugs into thing to watch because it determines the splendor of the park is created and harmonization of existing colors.
The character of each plant concerned: speed of growth, canopy shape, resilience in responding to the weather (either hot sun and rain / water), determine the choice of crops will be used.

Placement planting and hardscape
Crop planting starts from the kinds of cover crops (high) and so is a plant that is lower to the ground cover plants. The spread of coral stone, gravel, stone step, and installation of garden lighting and other accessories made ​​after planting.

The spread of coral preceded by the laying of fibers in permukakan which will be given as coral to keep the circulation of water to soak into the ground remain dar park was flooded.

Land cleanup
Clean-up the rest of the park construction. After the park clean of trash, there was a watering taste. And then performed routine maintenance such as pruning and regular watering.

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