Friday, 1 July 2011

Garden on the Gutter

Don't be worry if your front yard is small. You can expand up to the front page above the gutter. Maybe you never thought, that the ditch area can also be used as a park. Want to know how to make a garden on top of the gutter?  
Here are the steps:
1. Cover the top with a concrete gutter. Do not forget to make one control boxes, which can be opened and closed. Control box is useful for ease of cleaning the gutters of debris and trash. 
2. After the concrete cover of dry ditches, concrete with soil piled as high as ± 60cm. The part that borders the road, lined with concrete high as 10cm. 
3. Once the buried soil is perfect, fertilize them. Then planted with elephant grass. A sloping piece of land stuck bamboo stakes. In order for the land and planted new grass, not landslides. After a fairly strong grass roots, bamboo stakes can be revoked.

Now you can expand the home page, without a headache thinking about the land. Good luck!

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