Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Every house must have a vacant lot though small in size. This little land can be transformed into a scene that can add beauty of your home. Having a garden can beautify the look of the house at a time can improve your psychological condition. Three things to note in gardening, among others: choose a dwarf plant, note the direction mathari ray, as well as soil conditions and water absorption.
If the soil you have only a narrow, then do not obey the desire to plant a tree that you like. But choose the type of plant dwarf or mini size to fit on your land and the proportion of your garden in balance.

Note also the direction of sunlight. Organize your garden according to the sunshine state. When the sun too much, then select a tree that requires lots of sunlight. Conversely, if your shady garden, choose trees that do not need ahaya sun. With an appropriate choice of plants, you will get a beautiful garden and a fresh eye.

A good garden requires good soil conditions for humus soils with high water absorption easier. However, if you are in big cities, such land will be difficult you get. However, do not worry. This situation can be resolved by soil treatment before planting process. Quite easy. Mix the soil with a combination of manure and compost.

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