Tuesday, 19 July 2011


There are two important points in preparing a garden ornament, which is: hard elements (from hard materials) and software elements (from a soft material). Element consists of software that is easy to grow plants, such as shrubs, vines (interest telang, Alamanda), shade plants, flowering plants and ground cover plants (purslane, blue eyes, garlic, and onion grass). Only plant height harmony note. Do not let the high plant cover crops are lower for the park looks interesting.
Hardware element that is often used is stone. Natural stone slabs with the composition of irregular form can serve as a road and can give a natural impression. The beauty of a small garden will be more complete when coupled with the statues and garden lamps. Aside from being a source of light, the light will make the garden seem dramatic at night. Aesthetic ornaments such as jars will also make you more attractive small garden.

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