Monday, 2 May 2011

Unique Garden

Truly unique! Miniature tropical rain forest, desert ecosystem, vegetable gardens and so forth is only possible with a terrarium.

Type of Terrarium Plants
Given the media glass terrarium is limited in size and has a unique biosphere, the selection of plants placed in the terrarium also be appropriate. Some plants commonly used in the terrarium, among others sansiviera, cactus, succulent and bromelia.

Three Category Terrarium:
1. Open Air Terrarium
Terrarium with the top open or closed. To create a miniature plants, such as the media is the most easy to use and maintain. You can even make decorative plants in a terrarium type this in a very short time.

2. Terrarium Closed
Terrarium with a sealed condition in all sections. The goal is to create a unique biosphere in the terrarium. Terrarium is the most difficult to be made and maintained. More challenges in making this type of terrarium. Some factors that must be special attention to a closed terrarium is a matter of quantity of water and proper lighting. Terrarium of this type usually have the top of a small to put plants and other material in the terrarium. Of course this can be a challenge.

3. Terrarium Animals
Terrarium this kind used to put small animals for display. For example, lizards, iguanas, frogs, small turtles or snakes. The goal is to display replica of the real world of fauna in the wild by moving it into an attractive glass media.

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