Sunday, 1 May 2011

Preparations to Create Terrarium

Although it is easy, without a careful review of techniques and media, terrarium can not survive for a long time. Without proper treatment techniques terrarium, the plants will languish because of damage to the water cycle. So the first step to create a terrarium
1. Prepare a planting medium and material for decorations like ~ glass media (such as aquarium fish, small, large glass bowls, glass boxes, glass bottles or jars), zeolite sand, soil humus, spagnum moss, charcoal, rocks and sand.
2. Prepare all equipment that will be used to create a miniature garden in a terrarium like ~ Scope mini or spoon, Tweezers (Pin Set) or chopsticks, scissors, a plastic funnel or a funnel made ​​of paper, Iron plant (sprayer), watering kettle, mesh fabrics, brushes.

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