Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The function of the fountain

The function of the fountain in the garden is not only a sweetener but also can function as an air filter. The existence of the fountain can filter out pollutants and toxic substances in the air. Rain is one example of a natural filter.

Inspired by the concept of rain, you can easily create their own filters. Make a tiny fountain in the courtyard. This step is very suitable to be applied especially for homeowners who are located in the main street or around the industrial area.

Air filtration process occurs through a diffusion event in running water like this.

Toxic substances can be absorbed through the jets of water coming out of the hole fountain nozzles. Or it can also diffuse directly in the movement of water. To make it look unique and beautiful, Water fountains can be combined with a pool or water park. Various toxic gases and pollutants that superbly mixed in water can be utilized and absorbed by aquatic plants. In the process of photosynthesis, plants process it as a full nutritional benefit. The results of the process of photosynthesis is oxygen. Various beautiful flowering water plants that can be selected among the water hyacinth, jasmine water, water poppy, lotus, lotus and iris

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