Friday, 6 May 2011

Equipment For Making a Water Garden

Natural Stone

Make natural stone as a natural accent in a garden pond. Many kinds of natural stone which can be options, such as stone, sandstone, stone palimanan, or coral brush. Every stone has character.
Adjust the stone with the desired design style pool. Black river stones that strong character gives the impression of cool, could be applied in modern tropical style pool to the minimalist. Sandstone with a bright cream color most often used for Balinese-style pool or the Mediterranean.

Incomplete without a gurgling sound of water pond. Make a fountain or water fountain in the middle or the edge of the pond. The fountain became an accent that makes the pool look more fresh. Make sure the water circulation so that water flows smoothly without a hitch.
You can keep your ornamental fish in the pond. Splashing fish that swim to make the pool more alive. But you have to be more diligent in doing maintenance. You also have to make a pump to facilitate the circulation of oxygen in the water that fish need.

Water Plants
Place the water plants in or on the edge of the pond. Water plants are manifold, including lotus, water Heliconia, jasmine water, and others. Make sure plants get enough sunlight in order to bloom.
Ornamental pond with unique trinkets, such as animal sculptures, clay barrel, and so forth. Needless to large sculptures, small statues with unique design will make the park more attractive. If the pool is big enough, you can make ornaments bridge in the middle.

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