Saturday, 5 March 2011

What you need to get beautiful barrel ponds?

You can use just about anything you want for a container.  Just about any watertight container can be used: buckets, washtub, bathtub, or animal water trough. As long as it's clean, watertight and non-toxic. Figure out where you want to put the container. Most water plants need around 6 hours of sunlight per day.

Clean water is essential to a healthy pond. Tap water contains chemicals which keep the water clean, but which need to be removed before plants and fish are added. If chlorine is present in your water, simply letting the water sit out for a few days will let it 'dissolve' out of the water. If your water is treated with chloramine, you may need to use a chemical to treat the water.

Plants are vital to the pond ecosystem. They aid in water filtration, oxygenate the water, provide shelter and food for aquatic life, and look nice. There are three different categories of pond plant, and representatives from each are desirable for a well-balanced pond. Like other plants, aquatic plants need occasional care - pruning and thinning, and may benefit from occasional fertilization.

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