Friday, 4 March 2011

How to Arrange Saltwater Aquarium

Clean and rinse the aquarium with fresh water. Do not use soap or other detergent because it can pollute the aquarium. Then, arrange for your equipment, start with a skimmer. Place the skimmer on the place where he is not too disturbing scene, usually on the right / left rear. Could also on the back side of the aquarium, facing forward.

The next step is to place a powerhead. Powerhead should be placed on the left or right side of the aquarium with a muzzle flows was brought to the aquarium. This will give current along the front side of the aquarium. Do not forget to put the filter in the hole for the vacuum to protect the fish are not sucked when passing nearby. After that, enter the sand and rocks. Arrange the rocks in such a way that in addition to providing beauty can also be a place for the fish to be maintained.

1. Circulation pump
2.Protein Skimmer
3.Reaktor calcium
4.Over flow pipe
5.Inlet pipe
6.Inlet Skimmer
7.Layer of gravel (oxygen rich)
8.Layer under gravel (lower oxygen)
9. Bath foam storage
10. Overflow vessel
(Shimek, 1999).

Then enter fresh water first. After you enter the water into your aquarium, there will be the initials, which in the early days, the bodies of creatures that come from coral reefs began to dissolve in water which resulted in increased levels of ammonia and nitrite in water. Because the ammonia and nitrite is highly toxic to living things, do not put fish first.

Wait until the water is really clean is to keep that quiet for some time. After entering fresh water to the aquarium, run his powerhead, but do not run the skimmer. Skimmer is only designed to work more efficiently in sea water alone rather than for fresh water, besides the use of skimmers in this period beyond the ability of skimmer designed for aquariums is, in other words: totally useless. 

If the powerhead has been running for a week more, then the bodies creatures that ever lived on the rocks will dissolve almost everything, depends on the ability powerhead that is used to create current. The culmination of this period was marked by the changing water color brown, smelly and cloudy. At this time dispose of all fresh water and replace it with sea water.
Sea water entered, re-run the powerhead, this time accompanied by the use of skimmer. After some time (usually 4-7 days), the ammonia levels have dropped, followed by nitrite (nitrite or NO2 can be checked with a test kit to NO2 which can be purchased at fish stores nearby). This suggests that the microbes digesting nitrite has been breeding and working properly. If nitrite levels have been below the 0.3mg / L, then the ornamental fish ready to be placed in this aquarium.


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