Saturday, 8 October 2011

Kinds of Fence

Budget is the first thought when you want to design a fence. To begin, we must take stock of the garden boundary, measure them well, then, to decide the nature of the fence. If we happen to be in the garden of a farmhouse far from the city, with a barbed wire fence should be considered, especially when there are livestock may be involved as well. Barbed wire is a cheaper solution for fencing. With barbed wire, there are defects against pests and small rodents such as mice and rabbits. Hog wire is effective against dogs, pigs and wild boars. However, barbed wire is useful to drive the heavy animals such as cows and buffaloes from rubbing or leaning against the fence. It can also be used as a trellis for climbing plants and vines ride. Chicken wire will also keep chickens away from our vegetable beds. Combining wire pig and chicken wire on the bottom of the barbed wire is a viable solution.
High fence will affect the purpose and nature of the material selection fence. Wrought iron fence will provide a great visual impact. If the garden area and large, can use a dry stone wall as a garden fence.
Green plastic mesh is an alternative to chicken wire. It is slightly more expensive but can take the rough weather conditions. It is thicker than chicken wire. It can be used as a screen to provide privacy and color will create a mixture with grass and gardens.  
Bamboo is a cheaper alternative to fence the park. The bricks may also be recycled as one of the cheapest option.Garden fence with ivy vines and fruit or ornamental use of trellises may provide an artistic display for our garden. If we want to provide a classic and stylish look to the garden, then we can opt for a slightly more expensive option and they are the wooden fence and wrought iron fence. Among all the options, wood is the most aesthetic. A classic choice is wood painted white picket fence garden.

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